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Figured I've been a tad overdue for one of these, just in case anyone's remotely interested.

I guess A-kon's the most exciting thing in my schedule this month. That and high tea on my friend's birthday. I shall be fancy. Need to retouch the stains on my Hunter hoodie, and maybe find better fitting pants to rough up, then track down some green makeup and fake blood if I have time/money. Need to find leggings to dye for the Skelerina, make the mask, and finish sewing the pink things. And finish painting and constructing the giant knife claws. And find some manner of slipper to wear with it all. Will probably have to save the dumb purple tick-tock plushy/bag for next time. Need to go in for car maintenance, not because I've been noticing any real issues, just to root out any possible impending doom monsters lodged in my vehicle before I'm a ten hour drive from home. I should have lots of fun cosplay photos by the end of the month.

I finished the illustrations for the Lord of the Rings cookbook authored by the mother of a high school friend early last month. She's currently tracking down an agent to help her get it published. That's just about all the art I've done over the last 9 months, just a little bit of doodling and painting on the side. Here's a link to the Facebook group for it.…

Speaking of painting, there's actually quite a bit of it that I haven't posted anywhere. There's a couple things I need to finish (one involving Pokemon, the other being very large and still in need of quite a bit of work), and a couple that just need to be photographed. Aside from those, I still have a few blank canvases lying around. Might use a couple for birthday gifts. If your birthday happened semi-recently or is coming up, feel free to suggest something, even if we haven't been talking much. I've been wanting to get more involved around here again.

Being done with cookbook bits has also given me more free time. I intend to start exercising again and finish all the costumes whose materials are filling up my dead-hooker-hiding-places. I mean closets. Ignore the statement implying I need multiple spaces to stash the corpses of prostitutes whom I've murdered and direct your attention to this list of said costumes.
Long Hair Clavat, Final Fantasy: the Crystal Chronicles (aka 'The Bucket Game')
Rin Asougi (green suit), Daughters of Mnemosyne
Tira 1P, Soul Calibur IV
I also started gathering materials for Mariko from Elfen Lied, although not enough to where I feel obligated to complete the costume. I also have some fabric with which I might remake the cloak for my Soren costume if I feel like it. I think I might want to do another Fire Emblem costume later on when my skills have improved a bit, but I'm not sure who. Suggestions are welcome. Toying with the idea of doing Hiei or a young Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho. Probably Genkai, because I have no wig experience whatsoever. I have this silly plot of my boyfriend as Ace and me as June from 9 Persons 9 Hours 9 Doors, but I get the feeling I'll just wait until he's in dire need of a haircut and see if my suspicions are correct and I can, in fact, get his hair to look like Ace's. He keeps his facial hair just about the same, so yes. /nerd…
Silver sharpies and hair gel for the win.

But yes, I'm still living happily with the boy at same apartments I mentioned moving into last entry, and we be engaged. The oven is disappointing, but gives me an excuse to visit my parents and the dogs when I want to bake cookies. Need to make some more oatmeal craisin.
On a random note, I tried wearing makeup for non-cosplay purposes, for no real occasion at all, and it wasn't that bad. Maybe I'll dress up like a girl and take a photo for a new ID picture here.

Also, if anyone wants to suggest anime for me to watch, go for it. I've been pretty out of it lately and don't know where to start up again.
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  • Watching: Louis Thoreaux, South Park, DBZ Abridged.
  • Playing: Henry Hatsworth, Pokemon White
  • Eating: Imagine Whirled Peace.



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